The Greater Than Yourself Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and most of us are scrambling, or beginning to scramble, to get gifts for our loved ones.  I just finished watching iCarly.  My kids love the show but I watched it when they were otherwise occupied.

This silly kids’ show is one of my favorite shows because the relationships between the characters are so realistic and true to life.  There’s always a kid with a hard luck life story and there’s always a kid whose parent(s) are a bit overzealous.

But this isn’t really about iCarly nor is it about the holiday season.  It’s about true friendships, love  and support.

What is love?  What is support?  What does having a true friend , or a great family member really mean?  Tonight’s episode of iCarly shows the meaning of true friendship and love.  It means loving someone in spite of their faults and being willing – even eager – to participate in their general insanity (which is that person’s normal!).

When you suspend your own beliefs and withhold judgment you are functionally saying that you care deeply about that person and are willing to cut them some slack.  By contrast, you also have the definition for someone you don’t care for – someone for which you don’t cut ANY slack.

Love is a double-edged sword as many of us know and may even have experienced but if you’ve never loved before you cannot truly understand how alive it makes you feel.  To love someone or something so much that you would put them as your priority is a very liberating thing.

On the radio the other day, I heard of a book about this same idea of participating in something greater than yourself and how by functioning this way it makes the person who does this a leader, a hero, a person of note.  The book’s called “Greater Than Yourself” by Steve Farber. 

Love is a very important emotion for people and it’s great to see that this principle was weaved in so expertly in a simple children’s program.  Who says that all of TV is horrible?  Ooops.  That may have been me…

Happy Holidays!

~ Songscream

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