Blogging as a Contribution to Society

Blogging is not just something people do.  It’s a way of living.  Bloggers are passionate, bold, eccentric – human.  What is it about blogging that makes people stay up until all hours of the night writing and writing for a handful of people who follow them?  It’s all about expression; sharing who you are with others virtually.  It’s a way of living beyond your physical earthly years and having a ‘voice’ for the generations to come.  It’s the new way of living forever.  But now, you can live in Technicolor and in full audio.

 This past Spring, Michael Jackson left this world for good.  If you were not totally inundated with his funeral media madness you would not believe he’s dead.  New music of his is playing.  His videos are being downloaded like crazy.  And a movie was just released of his rehearsal for the concert that was never to be.  It’s as if he’s still here – somewhere.  That’s what blogging is like; still being here when you’re not.  The goal is to leave a mark on the world like Michael did.

Albert Einstein  made a mark on the world as well.  (Duh.)  Not only for his genius in mathematics but for his personal beliefs and philosophy.

What kind of mark will you leave? 

Will your spouse leave?  Your children leave?  Thinking about your contribution to society and attempting to leave behind you a cohesive mark is a noble idea and one we should strive to achieve.  Even if it’s in a minor way such as recycling as much as you possibly can your contribution leaves a cleaner, less cluttered world for our collective great-great-great-grandchildren.

What have you done so far in your life that will make a difference for future generations?

Ta-ta for now but before you go let’s remember the King of Pop in “You Rock My World”.

 ~ Songscream


About The NoteBook Blogairy

Thinker. Doer. Dreamer. Wellness, health & spirituality. Not guts, no glory, right? Then, let's get our inner zen on so we grow ourselves and change the world one person at a time.
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