The Trouble With Pictures…

The trouble with pictures is they remind you of things you’d rather forget.  Not always.  There are things you’d like to recall from previous times but do you really want to bring back the in-the-moment picture of you doing something stupid?  Or, when you were caught unawares in the midst of a real-life blooper?  Probably not.

 But in other ways — when you were in a pleasant moment that you don’t want to forget ever — pictures are great.  So, why don’t I like them?  <shrug>  Who knows.  That’s why the world’s full of psychologists and others of this ilk.

 This week pictures have come to the fore in my life not because of a moment I wanted to capture but because I wanted to document what was and what now is.  For me, purpose is more important than sentiment when it comes to pictures.  (Yeah, yeah, I know.  Strange.)

 So, when I began having asthma symptoms and had to rush to the ER because I couldn’t breathe a series of events brought me to the clear fact that the carpeting in my home had to be removed – immediately.  But, I had no idea what was underneath.  Well, when I pulled it up and found a plain floor (see image below) all plans for a great hardwood floor went out the window.  I had to figure out what was going down on the floor to make it allergen-proof, durable and looked good.

 Off to Home Depot I went.  Me.  The person who has 3 left hands, cannot draw or cut in a straight line and swoons when a hammer or screwdriver is brought forth.

 So, I head towards the flooring section and after conferring with a knowledgeable Home Depot flooring expert, I picked up Allure Resilient Flooring .  No tools necessary (except a carpet cutter).  No messy glue (it comes attached to each ‘tile’).  No real expertise needed (except how to fit right angles together).  I figured I could do this!

Unfinished Floor

 This is what it looked like before I started.

 Now this is what it looks like…

 Finished Floor!

 But looking at the before and after pictures made me think about other types of pictures; the life moments pictures.  I began skimming the 900+ photos I have and realized that life is full of moments.  Yes, there are bad moments but there are SO many good moments.  I began thinking that if you fill up your mind with the good moment pictures maybe, just maybe you may be able to skate over the bad moments in life.  That’s what a big part of The Secret is all about; keeping a positive attitude no matter what’s going on in your life.

To that I add, when you’re feeling down do something that will lift your spirits.  Do something that will assuage your soul and make you smile from ear to ear.  If that’s baking your favorite cookie for yourself, if that’s grabbing a friend and hitting the movies or a great theme park, if that’s cuddling up with a great book or a cool DVD – do it.  You’ll be so much more relaxed and happier for it.

Enjoying the moment


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