Rough & Tumble Week…

The last week has been a doozie.  Work has been ridiculously busy with project after project.  I’m re-organizing my home to prepare for the next stage of my life.  I’m in school and my uncle made his final transition.  He was the baby of the family.  At only 52, I felt the pain of him dying so young keenly.


Think about it – 52.  That’s a quarter of a century less than the average age here in America.  But my uncle lived a full life.  A grand life.  A happy and luxurious life.  He coached a boys’ basketball team.  He was in the Army and took his army team to two championships.  He was an entrepreneur and had a slew of houses and properties.  He was magnanimous.  He was also a fun-loving guy.  He loved good liquor and fine women.  He drove nice cars and went to church.  My uncle was the complete package.


I didn’t cry yet for my uncle.  I just can’t seem to do so.  Why?  I think it’s because I know he didn’t regret anything.  He lived well even though it was fast.  He did more in his 52 years than most do in 80.  He was someone that my children will always look up to and aspire to be like him.  What other kind of legacy could one ask for?


So, I am not berating myself for not bawling my eyes out.  I respect my uncle for living a life that can be put to scrutiny and pass the test.  Sure, he did some things in his youth that would steam up steamy thriller novels.  But what man of his ilk hasn’t??  It seems to me to have the life he lead you have to have some of those more racy moments…


I have a picture right here by my computer of my uncle, my boys and I and his wife.  I look at it constantly and remember that my uncle wanted only the best for me and my boys.  By having him there looking out at me through the camera lens and now through infinite time and space, I am charged to do better.  Be better and live a life with no regrets just like my uncle did.


So, this post is dedicated to my uncle Benjamin Solomon.  May he always rest in peace.

 ~ Songscream


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